Video Interviews at WUSS 09 Conference

New media has made it possible for a non professional like me to become a reporter. I did an experiment at a recent conference in San Jose. I took my Canon Elph which is normally used for taking pictures and switch on its video mode. It is so small that members that I interviewed barely noticed it was there. I then talked to the attendees at the conference in their area of expertise similar to what I use to do in the traditional blogging days where I would write up the blog based on the interview. The difference this time is upon completion of the interview, I would upload the videos directly to YouTube and whoa.. la... there it was. I did not edit it or do anything.

I realize that while holding the camera on my hand, it was not on a tripod so it was perhaps not stable and I was looking at the person I was talking to so the composition was not optimal but this adds to the whole amateur video blogging experience. This experiment of one man on the fly reporting was interesting. I hope to do it again at future conferences.

I will include some of the videos below for your viewing.

Claire Castell

Claire Castell, Mgr. Information Mgmt| Consumer and Small Business Deposit Risk at Wells Fargo shares the history of WUSS and its name.

Marci Russell

 Marci Russel, Web Project Manager of SAS Institute talks about Online Support at WUSS 2009 conference


Lora Delwiche

Lora Delwiche author of Little SAS book shares Debugging Techniques


Art Carpenter

Art Carpenter talks about SAS Macros at WUSS 09 in San Jose Art is a consultant for Caloxy, California Occidental Consultant

Michael A. Raithel

WUSS Opening Session Keynote Address by Michael A. Raithel It's not Easy Being a SAS Programmer

Vincent Delgobbo

Vincent DelGobbo, Senior Systems Developer for web Tools Group at SAS Institute talks about SAS export to Excel XML format at WUSS.

Heather Brown

Heather Brown, Senior Recruiter, Advanced Clinical Services LLC


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