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Thanks for the Teddy Bears for the orphans... They make a fun impromptu Halloween Costume... :)
880 freeway is a crawl near collosiem. may be a while to fremont.
Attending bay area SAS group meeting in Oakland at Kaiser. I wonder if the traffic would be OK due to bay bridge, should have BARTed.
The more clouds become private, the more it looks like mainframe 2.0. SAS is paving ways with their private cloud.
Preparing iPhone App to run SAS programs for BASAS meeting at Kaiser on Thursday. Almost having running now :)
Validating the latest DEFINE.XML file for CDISC SDS team using many off the shelf tools. Full report is at:
How do you pack teddy bears into a small box and deliver them from San Francisco to Saigon for orphan children? video:
SAS has suggestions for mobile service providers as it relates to data traffic. Is this a prelude to its iPhone App?
Helping review the DEFINE.XML against latest CDISC 3.1.2. Still reviewing the XML but some findings for the data:
Verifying for valid date variables in CDISC format used to be a chore. Now it is mildly fun on an iPhone.

Verifying CDISC Date Values on the Go

I have analyzed data which contain date variables for years and in the past, they were stored as numeric date variables in SAS format. However, more recently, my date variables are stored as characters since it is often stored in ISO format according to CDISC standards. This makes it challenging to verify since I can not easily apply computations upon a character date value. I therefore have been using a macro named "datetest" which perform a series of checks against the date values to see if it is invalid. Things it catches include examples such as the month being 13 or the day is missing. There are times when I needing to look at many datasets and it is useful to perform this verification on the go on an iPhone. I will share with you this approach in applying the date test on an iPhone as shown in this video.
"Bears 4 Kids", an effort by one person to change the lives of orphans on the other side of the world.
How do I view the latest CDISC DEFINE.XML when I am not in front of my computer?... try viewing it on an iPhone.

Generating CDISC DEFINE.XML on iPhone

The data definition or DEFINE.XML is a very useful road map to any data transfer and is particularly important in an electronic submission to the FDA. I had worked on a few projects where as we were preparing the DEFFINE .XML, the meta data or attributes of the data was constantly being updated. This can be simple changes like variable labels or more detailed comments describing how a variable is derived. In this case, it is a challenge getting the latest version of the DEFINE.XML to gain a better understand regarding the latest changes. This became the impetus for making the DEFINE.XML available via the iPhone. The Definedoc was originally a SAS macro that only ran on a SAS server. I then adapted this to be executable on an iPhone. This will allow a user on an iPhone to dynamically execute and get the latest DEFINE.XML upon request and viewable on the go. This means that I can get the view of the latest update that my analyst has worked on at any moment even when I am on the road
Going to catch a Vietnamese American movie "Passport to Love" this weekend. It is rare to see major release like this...
was just invited to speak at the next SAS user group meeting on Oct 29 on How to Run SAS Macros on iPhone.
was just interviewed by for an up an coming article on running SAS Macros on iPhone.
Just received a confirmation on our first SAS iPhone App approval from Apple App Store for "BI Flash"... wooo hooo....

SAS iPhone App Approved

I just received a confirmation email from Apple's iTunes store where they process iPhone App applications. It gave me the status of "Ready for Sale" which I am interpreting that my application has been approved. There was no "Congratulation" flair but just matter of fact. The information it provided was: Application Name: BI Flash Application Version Number: 1.0 Application SKU: 1234 Application Apple ID:327568191 When I reviewed the AppStore, it was not there. They did mention that they will process the contract and things will not be live until that is complete. After a couple of hours wait, it became live. I then found it on the App Store and installed it as: I had intended to list it under our company name but somehow it has it under "sy Truong". There has been quite a few updates since the binary has been uploaded for approval as well. I will plan to update all fixes and enhancements so hope that will be updated real soon.
Editing an article for Pharmaceutical Journal on SAS Toolkit...
When you are out and about and just have a sudden dire need to check on your data standards on an iPhone... :)

SAS Data Attribute Standards with DIFFTEST on iPhone

One of the most common mistakes in creating data in a standard format is not adhering a standard variable attributes. Verifying this by visual inspection can be a challenge since it is easy to define one variable with a particular length or label on one dataset , while a slightly different attribute on another. This difference can be tested by what I refer to as a DIFFTEST . This can be performed as a SAS macro or on an iPhone. So when you are out and about and just have a sudden dire need to check on your data standards. :) I have recorded a video which illustrates how this can be performed on an iPhone.
Trying to book a flight to Vietnam. If I fly out SFO on Nov 29, it is: $693 but Dec 18 is $1,255. What a difference, yikes.