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SAP is benefiting from increasing Business Intelligence software demand. Does that mean that SAS will also benefit?
WUSS SAS Conference in San Diego call for papers opens today I will co-author paper on migrating to SAS 9.2 with Roche
Just awarded contract to develop SAS based Patient Profile software for Biotech client. Wouldn't it be nice have clinicians run on iPad?
Is a presentation on a SAS App on an iPad more interesting than SAS App on Social Media? Deciding on conference paper.
SAS Mobile plan to be available in September. Jimmy hopes for an iPad version....
I missed the closing session due to client meeting but apparently awarded best paper at SAS Global Forum, woo hoo... :)
Is Video Blogs "vlogging" going to replace traditional blogs? It appears that way from blogs at SAS Global Forum
Was video blogging (vlogging) at SGF#10. Now if SAS can analyze videos and give a thumbs up/down, that would be cool
Mary Katz discusses Western Users of SAS Software Conference in San Diego at SGF10.
David Slomin talks about how text semantic analysis is applied to SAS Social Network software at SGF10.
David Baily shares new features on Microsoft Office Add In to SAS at SGF10
Ted Guo from FDA discuss about an innovative Review Tool developed with SAS/Intrnet at SGF10
John Bastone talks about SAS Social Media software available now from SAS at SGF10
Gary Ciampa shares interesting information about High Performance Grid at SGF10.
A video interview with Scott Huntley from SAS Institute discussing ODS and new developments at SGF10 ...
SAS Global Forum 2010 opening session asked the question "What If?" and revealed social media software among others...
Visit to Pike Place in Seattle before SGF10.
Visiting Tulip festival before SGF10. About an hour's drive. Nice country side in Mount Vernon.
iPad just came in. Here are some of first impressions compared to iPhone and SAS apps....
Received confirmation iPad being sent UPS. I thought Apple in Cupertino to Fremont... close. but from Shenzhen China?