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Porting tutorials and class material on generating DEFINE.XML from Flash video format to YouTube.
Using new iPhone 4S to record a video tutorial for how to transfer DEFINE.XML on a PC to an iPad. in 1080p HD
Exploring creating video tutorials in 1080p HD... pretty sharp.
Thanks for friends support for donating $755 to the orphans for my next trip. I will blog at:
Designing the splash screens for the next PHUSE12 iPhone iPad Android App. Any suggestions?
Invited to speak at the November SANDS event on SAS in era of Apps and Web 2.0 in San Diego
Just presented a paper in San Francisco at WUSS11 on Data Query with Web 2.0
Presented beta version of new SAS Macro Appstore at WUSS11
Met with John West from SAS Publishing at WUSS11 as he talked about acquiring authors.
Apple just approved the WUSS11 iPhone and iPad App. As Steve would say, that is "insanely great". :)
Just invited to present WUSS11 Mobile App as a Super Demo in Exhibitor Area on Wednesday morning at 11:00 am How cool is that?
MWSUG11 iPhone App finally complete :) You can see a video on how to use it at:
The MWSUG11 iPhone App is approved at Apple AppStore, just in time for conference. :)
just completed a paper on viewing clinical SAS data on iPad for conference in San Francisco :)
Just drafting an Android App that allows you to run SAS macros. You can find it at Android Market with name BI Flash
Starting discussions with SAS publishing on a new interactive eBook that will provide "Our Choice" features to SAS :)
A preview at the first MWSUG11 SAS conference iPhone App in Kansas.
A new iPhone App with feature to post photos and tweets at the next WUSS11 conference in SF.
invited to speak in San Francisco WUSS11 on Data Clinical Reviewer on iPad, good excuse to get iPad2 :)
SAS Programmer now can be called "Data Scientist" :) I like that. It is considered hottest IT job...
developing conference list view for SAS conference WUSS11 on Android :)
Working on visual icon for Data Query for WUSS11... that's a challenge.
Should call for papers for WUSS11 and SAS conferences include images? Here is my first entry... :)
PharmaSUG App for iPad PHSUG11 has just been approved by Apple and is now on iTunes.... woohooo.
Wouldn't it be nice to find and download SAS macros from an AppStore? mulling over an idea for a paper
Reviewing Clinical Data on an iPad will be delightful :) writing a paper on this...
working on an Android App for next WUSS11, WUSS conference in SF.... writing an abstract for a paper on it as well.
Attending PHSUG11 PharmaSUG conference in Tenessee next week? There is a free iPhone App for that. :)
just drafting an abstract for WUSS11 SAS conference in SF on data query....
More SAS users have iPads than iPhones... about %6 more. At least from SASGF11 App downloads :)
Total SASGF11 iPhone/iPad downloads 669... not bad for first year version... :)
Just received a WUSS award in the mail for best paper.... woohoo.
Cool video interviews at SASGF11 covering the latest SAS development efforts
New User Interface for SAS Data Integration, Pat Herbert & Nancy Rausch at SASGF11
Exciting new web based SAS visualization and exploration tools from interview with Nascif Neto at
Nice new SAS ODS features from Kevin Smith interview at SASGF11
New XML features for SAS 9.3 with PROC XSL from interview with Diane Olson at SASGF11
Cool SAS Graph updates from interview with Himesh Patel from SAS Institute at SASGF11
Some highlights from SASGF11 opening session... YouTube version :)
SASGF11 has started, the iPhone/iPad App downloads is off the charts this morning. Here is a graph of all downloads
In the first week of SASGF11 iPhone App release and the downloads are skyrocketing. Here is a graph from iTunes
New social media curator iPhone App Social Cloud just released. I'll use it to analyze SASGF11 and news :)
Just updated SASGF11 iPhone and iPad App to v1.1 with more events and new larger map. :),
Working on PharmaSUG 2011 iPhone and iPad App for Nashville. Does anyone know the twitter hash word for this? Is it pharmasug11?
had the most downloads for SASGF11 App yesterday since it was released with twice as many iPad downloads vs iPhone
SAS Global Forum iPhone App & iPad App SASGF11 is approved by Apple AppStore, woohoo...
Developing an iPad App to review Clinical CDISC SAS data. Was answering questions about this at the community site:
Finalizing SAS Global Forum first ever iPad App. A sneak peak before it loaded to AppStore. :)
Developing a new iPhone App for managing your social media. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.
Partnering with organizations is road to success. SAS is the King of this:
Cool animated video on the Revenue Performance Management. A well deserved Beagle Short Tale Award.
Thanks @WaynetteTubbs for your Sasonality interview. You are a great reporter :)
SAS has Onsite child care by Montessori teachers... cool. Can they take care of your pet when you are in the office? :)
Is BI going mobile in 2011? Seems to be the case as suggested in this article :)
That is a cool algorithm to have an IBM computer beat the best human Jeopardy contesttant...
What are your predictions for SAS and BI in 2011? Do I see iPad?
Thanks to SAS for the flavor or the week article. We can even make SAS macros sexy. :)