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Wouldn't be nice to execute SAS programs and view Datasets within Excel ? This video shows...
I am verifying current code list being used for CDISC metadata team and found many not in standards, hmm...
edited first version of a cool paper on DEFINE.XML to be published in next journal
What does editor of Pharmaceutical Programming Journal do on weekends? Read great papers :)
finally got my iPhone App to be configured for SAS server. Now how do I make it connect? :)
just completed updated draft of new DEFINE.XML for CDISC metadata team. Its review time, devil in details...
drafting the thesis to a paper on a SAS App on the iPhone, should I title it "It is the App Studid."? :) ha ha...

SAS® on iPhone® BI gone Mobile?

Smartphone or mobile computing is reaching a tipping point that is going to have a profound affect on how we access and work with information. The release of the iPhone 3Gs along with OS 3 and its ever popular App Store has increase the cadence as competitors such as RIM Blackberry, Palm Pre and Google G1 are trying to catch up. The industry is reaching a point of critical mass that can no longer be ignored since the iPhone and its related iPod touch device has reached over 40 million sold. Its revolutionary App Store makes it easy for users to download has surpassed over 50,000 apps with over a billion downloads all within the first 9 moths after its launch. At this writing, the iPhone 3G price has also been cut to $99 poised to hit the mainstream cel phone market. It is becoming a ubiquitous computing device going beyond being just a phone and therefore blurring the classification of a netbook and augmenting laptops in usage. It can no longer be berated as a toy with faddish applicat
SAS follows BI industry leader SAP, not bad. I wonder if SAP did not acquire Business Object, would SAS be #1?
Just read Stroke of Insight by Taylor. Not sure if it is a scientific book or spiritual self help, fascinating...
working on user privileges to SAS data and macros on iPhone... getting there, almost done.
Great SAS Tech Report by @swaynette :) Just subscribed can't beat $ best things are free
Reviewing for CDISC metadata team. Even standards group can be more standard. :)
Second CDISC Metadata meeting in this week, wow... time to generate DEFINE.XML .
Just got a new toy to take graduation pictures, perhaps it is not big enough...
Meeting CDISC Metadata team iron out annnotated CRF and DEFINE.XML . Life can't be more fun.
must be deadline at WUSS headquarters, got another acceptance to teach SAS Validation class, yipee :)
just received acceptance letter to present at WUSS on iPhone SAS App. Better start writing :)
Attending my second CDISC SDS team meeting getting the updates on all the sub teams.
Documenting add user to iPhone app to run SAS . Boring perhaps, but I still like writing.
Learning ways of recording YouTube videos to explain SAS program change control .
answering technical questions on cool community support website:
Explaining how to manage SAS application servers for an iPhone App.
Meeting CDISC Metadata team defining and reviewing EDC CRF and DEFINE.XML . How fun is that?