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Working on visual icon for Data Query for WUSS11... that's a challenge.
Should call for papers for WUSS11 and SAS conferences include images? Here is my first entry... :)
PharmaSUG App for iPad PHSUG11 has just been approved by Apple and is now on iTunes.... woohooo.
Wouldn't it be nice to find and download SAS macros from an AppStore? mulling over an idea for a paper
Reviewing Clinical Data on an iPad will be delightful :) writing a paper on this...
working on an Android App for next WUSS11, WUSS conference in SF.... writing an abstract for a paper on it as well.
Attending PHSUG11 PharmaSUG conference in Tenessee next week? There is a free iPhone App for that. :)
just drafting an abstract for WUSS11 SAS conference in SF on data query....