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Remembering Dad

Meting Action Items Tom to decide if we should put spouse prefix (i.e. Wife or Husband) in front on name in Cao Pho. Two voted to include prefix and two voted to include Khanh to inform Jane (funeral coordinator) to keep dad's ashes in one urn Khanh to ask Jane and let Jackie know if and when to submit video for dad remembrance. Jackie will send backup of this video to Sy to place on iPad as backup Khanh to bring 2 six foot Fold out Table  Linh to get Ice Chest from Khanh and bring  Sy and Ha to bring 100 egg rolls Khanh to bring  Waters and Soda, Sparkling Water Jan to bring Fold out Chairs and space them out or elders spaced out (6 feet) Linh will also get four chairs from moms house Peter will also bring around 8 chairs Peter to bring and setup Popup Tent  Jan to bring Fruit which are individually packed Paul will bring Hand Sanitizer Tom and Yen to bring 50 Sandwiches and bagels Jan to make white headbands  Paul to send pictures of masks to verify if it matches headband, if so,