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Just completed SAS macro %twituser capturing user tweets into SAS dataset. Available as a free download at:
Preparing for the new Google Web App Store. Just uploaded my first example entry for Syview. :)
Got beta version of macro %TWITUSER to have SAS capture my Twitter feed: One small step...
Thanks for nice comments from judges from SAS Global Forum on iPhone SAS paper. 3.2 for 5.0 scale is like C+ right? :)
Spoke to Rebecca & Dianna about WUSS San Diego conference. App Dev section has the most papers so far woohoo... :)
Collaborating with DJ from Pinnacle Solutions to author a paper on running SAS stored process on Blackberry
Was asked to submit a paper on running SAS on Blackberry so drafting up abstract for MWSUG at:
Is social media a fad? Perhaps not from this video...
Claiming to be writer when I write user specs is like saying I am a painter when painting a house. Just wrote new spec
SAS Educational iPad App made it in as 74th on the top 100 iPad Educational App...
Can't we all just communicate our risk with SAS reports? :) Interesting study on ERM Gaps Remain
I just reviewed SAS first iPad App. It is crunches some serious math :)