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Attended scholarship ceremony in Saigon, 90 scholarship, 6 schools, many performances
Christmas Eve in Saigon is like New Years in New York. A big celebration that everyone came to. I caught some videos:
Receiving holiday wishes from orphan children is a very special gift. I will share them with you here:
SFO to Tokyo, no problem, Tokyo to Saigon, a snap, Saigon to local orphanage, a challenge...
New SAS publication report for Strategic Analytic Review. Sounds intriguing but not sure if I would pay to get it.
SFO to NRT, Tokyo. I have to check out sushi there :)
Just received confirmation of paper acceptance so I will be presenting at SAS Global Forum in Seattle on SAS iPhone App
Starting to test out SAS on my new DELL Adamo, World's thinnest laptop. Pretty cool. :)
Is the pace of Web technology passing me Up? Keeping up with iPhone innovations can be a challenge yet fun.

Is the Pace of Web Technology Pass me Up?

The pace of innovation got even faster with what I refer to as Web 3.0. Back in the 90's when Web 2.0 was being established, there was a gold rush for websites. Every company including their cousins and grandma it seems was creating their own websites. The website became the new identity complementing the the physical address. It became so ubiquitous that if your organization does not have a website, it does not exist. The majority of sites started out as HTML based sites describing products and services. As web 2.0 evolved, the user's experience became more interactive. Companies such as Google, and utilized the interactive functionality to make the web experience more like running applications on your desktop. I am witnessing an evolutionary shift from Web 2.0 to 3.0 with the advent of iPhone App. It is analogous to the 90's but rather than asking: "is there a website for that?", it has become: "is there an App for that?" As I
SAS to deliver Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) info on the web. Nice... Will they have an iPhone App for that?
Comparing SAS to Oracle and SAP is like comparing apples to a fruit salad...