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Just preordered an iPad. It's May with pre-order and still says "Ships: By April 12th". Good things come to those who wait. :)
SAS currently ranked #1 place to work over Silicon Valley companies. Perhaps I have to leave San Jose and go to NC :)
Drafting slides on SAS Data and Macros on iPhone for conference in Seattle. Too sunny outside to be doing this :)
Requested to update my bio for HASUG presentation. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Designing a book cover for SAS Clinical Programmers. Looking for guidance from best sellers, which design do you like?
Was just testing performance of SAS 9.2 on new Dell Adamo laptop, thinnest laptop in the world. Runs quite fast.
Apple finally approved iPhone App for SAS Macros. They complained it was like their apps. Isn't that called standards
SAS can benefit in partnering with Accenture to provide analytics consulting solutions. I better apply for Accenture:)
Preparing software to get SAS data and Macros onto Blackberry in time for SAS conference. Need those iPhone icons.
Booked flights & hotel for two for under $900 Seattle, cool deal, keep up good trend 2009 papers:,
Just registered for SAS Global Forum in Seattle. Last day for early registration which saved a few hundred. :)
Pretty inspirational how one man can have such an impact on a social cause through the use of social media.
Got SAS Macros and Data Viewer running on iPad! uh... simulator. Have to be Stephen Colbert to get the real iPad. :)