CDISC Verification on iPhone

CDISC guidelines helps clinical data comply to a standard intended for submission to the FDA so it is important to ensure that you comply with all the guidelines. If you were to review the CDISC guidelines, you will see hundred of pages of rules which your data must comply with. To do this review manually would be time consuming and most likely lead to errors due to not being able to catching the details.

The part that I find challenging about reviewing data against CDISC has to do it multiple times as data is being developed. There are times when I need to review the latest update and I am not at my desk. I have found a solution for this when I am out and about, I can review the latest data on my iPhone. This allows me to see how standardize my data is and I see the status of my CDISC effort at any moment even standing in line at Starbucks. :)

I capture a YouTube video as to how this is done which you can see below.


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