Facebook Identity Crisis with SAS

Facebook has become the most popular social networking site and have users spending more time on its site than any other leaving Yahoo and Google behind. It is becoming the entry point for many users as they log on. It is therefore a natural integration point for applications such as SAS any my humble little free data viewer Syview :). In the past, it has been challenging to share and view SAS data since it requires the user receiving the data to either have SAS or the right version of a viewer and on specific OS or platform.

I have been experimenting with a method where a Facebook account can be synchronized with Syview so that users do not have to use separate accounts. In this case, the user can use their Facebook account and also log into Syview to view SAS datasets.

I have an identify crisis sometimes with my personal use of social network and my professional online persona. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can reconcile this identity crisis. At the very least, with the user ID.


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