Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post SAS Data on Facebook Wall

In the age of Google, information is liberated and readily avialable. However, SAS data is often locked behind servers limited to analysts and statisticians. Facebook is the most popuplar social network and is a common way how users share information. I will show you how you can share SAS dataset on Facebook by doing the following steps.
  1. View Data - You would view your SAS datasets as before with Syview. Select the view which best represent your data.

  2. Post to Facebook - From the data view on Syview, select the menu:

    Tools > Post to Facebook

    Note that a thumbnail view will be captured of the current view.

  3. Write Something - When posting things on Facebook walls, it is recommended that you write a little short message. This describe to your reader what this is about.

  4. View Posting - Log onto Facebook and view the data posted. Note that a thumbnail image of the data view is created along with the message you typed. Users can click on the thumbnail for detail view.

  5. Detail Data View - The user can then click on the thumbnail and they are brought to the detail view of the data. They can log in at this point to see the rest of the data.
    SAS data is only useful to the users that view them. If it remains behind locked doors, no valuable information can be derived from it. By sharing it with popular social network sites such as Facebook, not only is the data viewable but the comments and communication between users can create a conversation that lead to significant meaning.

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