Monday, October 5, 2009

SAS iPhone App Approved

I just received a confirmation email from Apple's iTunes store where they process iPhone App applications. It gave me the status of "Ready for Sale" which I am interpreting that my application has been approved. There was no "Congratulation" flair but just matter of fact. The information it provided was:

Application Name: BI Flash Application Version Number: 1.0 Application SKU: 1234 Application Apple ID:327568191

When I reviewed the AppStore, it was not there. They did mention that they will process the contract and things will not be live until that is complete. After a couple of hours wait, it became live. I then found it on the App Store and installed it as:

iphone_pic by sytruongus.

I had intended to list it under our company name but somehow it has it under "sy Truong". There has been quite a few updates since the binary has been uploaded for approval as well. I will plan to update all fixes and enhancements so hope that will be updated real soon.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sy,
    I'm really impressed with the application you designed (that will be great when working from home)!
    I installed it willing to play with it right away.
    I get trouble with my metadata server closing repeatidly the connection attempted by the application. I will try to find out but I thought maybe you had a clue.